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Silver-Brass Lacquer 100ml


Product Information

Silver/Brass Lacquer 100ml

Suitable for most polished metals, Silver, Brass, Dials etc.

Directions –

Strip off all old varnish before and ensure a clean polished surface before applying.

A clear lacquer based on polymethacrylic ester leaves a film that does not yellow or craze on ageing as do many cellulose lacquers.

Has excellent adhesion on chrome, brass, copper and silver. The lacquer should be applied liberally with a flowing action using a soft brush. 

If however, brush marks are left on the article when dry place the article on a hot radiator or in the oven at a low temperature, the brush marks will then disappear.

Clock/barometer Dial restoration. Please note:


This cellulose based lacquer is fine to use on clock dials as long as the first coat is a very quick, light coat.  It can then be applied heavier/thicker after the first coat has dried.  The problems arise when people take their time or dither with the first coat

The lacquer should only be applied thinly to engraved dials.

Dial wax will melt and run if too much lacquer is used.

A soft cotton cloth or cotton wool pad can be used, a quick swipe is the usual method then leave to dry before touching or attempting to add more lacquer.

Not suitable on stainless steel or damp areas such as bathrooms, kitchens etc.

Always test a small area first before applying.

Product Code: SILWSJOP90


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