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Silvering Powder


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Antique Clock Dial Silvering Powder & Finishing Powder

50g Dial Silvering Powder + 50g Finishing Powder

Priory Polishes has been supplying silvering powder to the horological trade for many years. This powder is made to an age old recipe passed down through generations of clock restorers, made from the finest quality old English silver.

Regularly being used today by many of our loyal customers who prefer it’s wonderful traditional finish and believe it is one of the best silvering powders they have used. See silvering in action in this video by Clifford J. Freeman of Castlegate Clocks.

Free 50g of the finest finishing powder included enough of both for several dials.

Dial Silvering

Brass dials requiring re-silvering should be cleaned back to the brass with fine abrasive paper or very fine steel wool. If a ‘spun’ effect is required, put a nail in a piece of old board and rotate the dial around it while holding fine emery paper on the surface. Fill numerals in etched dials with black engravers wax. If the old wax is just cracked, hold the dial over a heat source to heat the wax just enough for the cracks to disappear. If the wax is missing or insufficient, add a few flakes of it to the numerals and heat gently.

Rub the surface back down again if necessary to be level with the dial. Rinse under hot water and rub silvering powder into the surface with a clean cloth or tissue. Rinse again and apply finishing powder. Rinse once more and when thoroughly dry apply colourless lacquer.

Cleanliness is of paramount importance when silvering and almost all problems encountered are due to finger marks on the metal between cleaning and applying the powder. Silvering powder acts by chemical reaction with the metal, and if this cannot take place evenly, an uneven colouring occurs. This powder will not work on plated or lacquered dials only clean brass or copper, not aluminium.

Light sensitive, store in a dark place, shelf life 2-6 years if stored correctly.

Product Code: SILR3


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