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Metal Colouring (Tourmaline)


Product Information

Antiquing Fluid - Brown or Black

Metal Colouring (Tourmaline, Antiquing Fluid, Patination Fluid) for copper, brass, bronze, etc. It is easy to use and ideal for use in antique restoration for ageing new brass and copper fittings. It is fast, effective and etches the colour onto the surface of the metal.

By a simple technique metals can be coloured with a layer of oxide a few micron thick to provide an antique-like finish.


Remove any metal lacquer using paint stripper or similar solvents. Thoroughly remove and clean any grease or oil, including fingerprints.


Apply the Antiquing Fluid directly onto the item, using either cotton wool or a brush, and watch the surface quickly change colour. When the desired colour is achieved, rinse immediately with clean water or weak alkaline solution and pat dry with a cotton cloth. Alternatively, dilute with 10 parts water and immerse item to ensure a uniform colour change, this process is recommended when treating more than one item. Apply some agitation to prevent high spots caused by tiny air bubbles. After treating, items can be sealed with a wax oil or lacquer.

Please Note - Not recommended on Steel.

Available in two colour options.

It is always recommended to test a small area first.

Product Code: MCCMMCT


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