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Black Slate Renovator


Product Information

Black Slate Renovator                       


For the restoration and reviving of black slate Clocks, Hearths ,Tiles etc.


The slate must be free from dirt, grease etc. To ensure this, clean the case well with White Spirit. It is important that you dry the case well with clean cloths whilst the surface is still wet then leave for a couple of hours before applying the Renovator.  

The Black Slate Renovator should be applied with a clean lint-free cloth or sponge on to the surface. DO NOT rub in but try to apply as evenly as possible. Small bubbles will level themselves out. 
Two coats are usual  but for very grey or white areas more may be necessary, allow to dry thoroughly between coats. 
Should any of the Renovator get onto inlay or marble parts it should be removed with a damp cloth before it dries. To remove any which is dry, use 0000 grade steel wool. When the slate is dry it can be buffed up to a high shine with a soft duster. Can also be used on slate tiles, indoors only, as always, try in an inconspicuous place first to ensure compatibility and satisfaction.
For further protection apply a light coat of wax polish. Looks great on slate hearths and low use tiled areas.

Available in 3 sizes.  150ml, 250ml and 500ml


 If it is just a good clean needed why not try our clock case restorer, it is excellent on slate clocks.









Product Code: BLAI963W85


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