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Dial Silvering Kit


Product Information

Clock Dial Silvering Kit

Everything you need to restore a clock dial.

50g Silvering Powder 

50g finishing Powder

100ml Silver/Brass Lacquer

1 Stick Engravers Wax

See silvering in action in this video by Clifford J. Freeman of Castlegate Clocks. 

Clock / Barometer, Dial restoration. Please note:

This cellulose based lacquer is fine to use on clock dials as long as the first coat is a very quick, light coat.  It can then be applied heavier/thicker after the first coat has dried. 

The lacquer should only be applied thinly to engraved dials.

Dial wax will melt and run if too much lacquer is used.

A soft cotton cloth or cotton wool pad can be used; a quick swipe is the usual method then leave to dry before touching or attempting to add more lacquer.


Product Code: AH2WT97


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