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2 Bottles of Priory Clock Oils


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Unbeatable offer

2 Bottles of Priory Clock Oils.

Only £7.20 plus P&P

Priory Polishes are pleased to offer these lower priced alternatives to our more expensive Windles oils.

Sourced by Priory Polishes to eventually replace our Windles oils they are identical in all respects,

in some ways superior.

Saturated, non-reactive, high purity mineral oils.


1.Turret Oil:  100ml     (please note the lable in the picture is incorrect, it is a high (heavy) viscosity oil)

A High (heavy) viscosity mineral oil for larger clocks or where a heavier oil is needed.

. High viscosity index

. Excellent low temperature performance, pour point -38c

. Incorporates the latest corrosion inhibitors for protection against 
all forms of corrosion

. Highly shear stable providing stay-in-grade performance

. Good anti-foaming and air release properties

. Rapid water separation

. Exceptional anti-wear performance

. High oxidation resistance and thermal stability

A long lasting anti-wear oil for the protection of turret clocks and other large mechanisms.

2. Medium Clock Oil: 50ml

A medium viscosity mineral oil for clocks or anywhere a medium viscosity oil is required.

Exceptionally high quality, great value oil.

This oil has been refined from high viscosity index based stocks.

As a lubricant it has a good natural resistance to the formation of deposits at higher operating temperatures,

does not gum up or evaporate as many cheaper oils do.

Helps prevent oxidation and corrosion.

With a pour point of -15 it will ensure adequate lubrication in cold conditions.

2 bottles at a great price, Please be wary, there are many unknown brands of Clock oils on the market today, use these and you might live to regret it, they may gum up, spread or evaporate and cause you untold problems. 
Please note too much oil can sometimes be worse than no oil so only use tiny amounts on your clock.

2 bottles @ £7.20 plus P&P

Also available in 10ml bottles.

Product Code: 2 BX3LGY65


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